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ICNA Relief: Spring Food Drive 2011

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ICNA Relief: Spring Food Drive 2011
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ICNA Relief Food Drive 09

Muslims are encouraged to invite and share the great value of their beliefs with others and to fulfill the rights of their neighbors, colleagues and friends throughout their life. Prophet Muhammad (s) mentioned the rights of neighbors upon a Muslim in this eloquent narration:

Feed the Hungry DriveThe rights of the neighbor is that, when he is sick you visit him; when he dies, you go to his funeral; when he is poor you lend him (money); and when he is in need you protect him.

It is this reason why the volunteers of ICNA Chicago devote their time and energy to fulfill their obligation and serve the community at large. ICNA Relief is starting the annual “Feed the Hungry” Food Drive designed to address the basic human needs of the under served Muslim communities within the Chicago land area. It is our desire to fight against human sufferings, by assisting our neighbors in achieving basic needs that all human beings are entitled to.

Volunteers from ICNA Relief have setup collection bins for this project throughout various Islamic Centers and Islamic Schools around the Chicago land area. These collection bins will be available for food collection from Friday March 25th, to Sunday Apri 10th.

Feed the Hungry DrivePlease click here for the latest list of collection centers. We are collecting canned foods, rice, cereal, cooking oil in addition to cash donations to serve at least 1000 Muslim families in our area including more than 150 Muslim refugee families from Iraq, Burma, Somalia, Russia, and Sudan who are now living in Chicago land area.

Your support is necessary for the success of this important project. Therefore we humbly request you to support this initiative by donating generously to this project.

We look forward to your support and urge you to forward this message to the community so they too can join this event and be part of letting the general public know why Islam is the religion for humanity.

Jazakumallah Khair.
ICNA Relief – Chicago

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