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Major Da'wah(Outreach) Campaign on TV


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Major TV Ad Campaign to combat Islamophobia


GainPeace outreach project has launched a major TV ad campaign designed to creatively address the growing anti-Muslim sentiment. Ignorance and Misinformation has lead to the highest levels of fear and Islamophobia. GainPeace exercises various strategies to proactively present Islam and remove misconceptions. In an effort to reach the masses GainPeace has launched TV Ad campaign on the top three cable stations in the Chicago Land area.


The TV ads will show Muslim Americans from a diverse backgrounds with the headline "Know Your Muslim Neighbor." Other TV ad will feature the theme "Inspired by Islam". These ads will be aired in the Chicago land area on major TV channels from Dec 20, 2011- April 30th 2012.


Special Thanks: Ads developed and produced by the GainPeace team of ICNA Kansas City Chapter.

TV Ads about Islam

  • 1000 TV Ads About Islam
  • CNN,FOX ,TNT - TV Channels
  • Dec 1, 2011 - Apr 30, 2012
  • Two TV Ads - Watch Ad 1 & Ad 2
  • City of Chicago & Major Suburbs on Comcast Cable

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Summary of the TV Ads

Ad 1: Inspired by Islam

Ad 2: Know Your Muslim Neighbors

Muslims are shown in a positive light excelling in their field of work and education. A physician, a college student, paramedic and a Muslim family are shown assisting fellow Americans and enhancing the American landscape. They choose to do this because they were 'Inspired by Islam'. Relevant verses of the Quran and Hadith are displayed with the offer at the end of the ad for the viewers to obtain free information on Islam by calling 800-662-ISLAM or by visiting GainPeace.com

Watch Video: Ad 1 - Ad 2

Please Donate
IMAGINE: Tens of thousands our fellow Americans watching the Islam TV ads, Imagine them getting informed about Islam, Imagine them becoming witnesses on the day of Judgment that Islam was conveyed.

$200 = One ad/4 months

$100 = One ad/1.5 months

$75 = One ad/1 month

Check: Payable to 'GainPeace'

1634 S. Ardmore Ave St. 100

Villa Park IL 60181

Phone: 866.935.2338

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About GainPeace

GainPeace, is an outreach project of Islamic Circle of North America, ICNA, whose goal is to share the authentic message of Islam with humanity. Details here.